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CTS Freshers MNC Placement Work Book (Code: MNP-701-105 )

(i) Complete MNC pattern and useful for the candidate who is aiming the companies like CTS and other (Infosys ,Wipro, TCS etc).

(ii) 10  Placement Papers with complete assessment & solutions.

(iii) Quick Reference to all campus & off-campus MNC Placement Tests.

(iv) Complete MNC Placement test pattern with answers & explanations. 

(v) Quick preparation & assessment book for Freshers / MNC Job seekers.

(vi) Prepare for MNC Placement Test with this Placement Workbook will make the job search simple.

(vii) A serious practice of these test papers will give the job seeker , complete idea about the MNC Placement Test pattern and relevant questions to assess the skills.

(viii) A good way to test your knowledge And improve time management.


Rs. 210

CTS Freshers MNC Placement Work Book (Code: MNP-701-105 )

This comprehensive book is specially developed for the candidates who are aspiring to get Job in an MNC, like CTS .Its useful for Other MNCs as Infosys,Wipro,TCS, etc standard companies. This Placement Workbooks is mainly for the purpose of practice of questions based on the latest pattern of the examination. Detailed Explanatory Answers have also been provided for the selected questions for Better Understanding of the Candidates.

Salient Features

1. MNC Placement Test Pattern ; will make the Freshers / Job seekers completely understand pattern and as well as different concepts.

2. Clear indication of the types of questions along with proper guidelines, to solve them.

3. The Placement Papers has been covered with different difficulty levels.

4. Fully Solved Placement Papers.

5. Questions types of different Previous Placement Examinations have been covered.


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